Sr.No. Paper Title Authors Published in Conference/Journals Name Abstract Visit Website
1 An L-1 Regularized Forecasting-Aided State Estimator For Active Distribution Nerks R. Dutta, S. J. Geetha, S. Chakrabarti and Ankush Sharma 2022 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
2 Microgrid Protection With Penetration Of DERs - A Comprehensive Review Jorge I.D. Cisneros-Saldana, Smrutirekha Samal, Hemkesh Singh, Miroslav Begovic, S. R. Samantaray 2022 Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC)
3 Dual Mode Operation Of A Switched Reluctance Generator-Based Wind Energy Conversion System And A Battery Integrated MG Under Abnormal Utility Grid Condition V. Narayanan and B. Singh 2022 IEEE Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE)
4 Power Management Of Hybrid Storage Using Rule-Based Adaptive Filtering In Electric Vehicle Abhishek Panda, Mahesh K. Mishra 2022 IEEE Power Electronics, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (PESGRE)
5 An Integrated Control Of Enhanced-PLL And Synchronverter For Unbalanced Grid Hariharan R and Mahesh K. Mishra 2022 IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
6 An Enhanced Differential Protection Scheme For LVDC Microgrid Abha Saxena, Nikhil Kumar Sharma, S R Samantaray 2022 IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics
7 New Perspectives On Stability Of Decoupled Double Synchronous Reference Frame PLL P. D. Achlerkar and B. K. Panigrahi 2022 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
8 Emergence Of Distribution System Operator In The Indian Power Sector And Possible Way Ahead A. M. Jadhav and Abhijit R. Abhyankar 2022 Energy Policy, Elsevier
9 Topology Tracking For Active Distribution Networks R. Dutta, S. Chakrabarti and Ankush Sharma 2021 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
10 Risk Constrained Energy Efficient Optimal Operation Of A Converter Governed AC/DC Hybrid Distribution Network With Distributed Energy Resources And Volt-VAR Controlling Devices S. Paul, Ankush Sharma and N. P. Padhy 2020 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
11 Comparative Study Of False Data Injection Attack Detection Techniques In AC Smart Island. Arijeet Roy, Rajbala Purnima Priya, Ankush Sharma 2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies (GlobConET), London, United Kingdom.